about us

Edgar J. T. Perrow, Jr., PE

Perrow Consulting Services was founded by a professional engineer who realized while working for an architectural and engineering firm, that owners were not being properly represented in their construction interests. Contractors defended their bids, producing change orders, and the architect's team defended their designs, blaming the contractor. Mr. Perrow recognized this dichotomy and difficult position in which it placed the project owner. Acting as an independent Project Manager or Owner's Representative, Mr. Perrow formed Perrow Consulting Services where clients would be served by a true advocate for the owner.

It is our goal to ensure that each completed project meets the owner's expectations for its intended use and is delivered on budget and on schedule.

Personal attention to each job---
Each owner receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from Mr. Perrow.

Owner participation---
Owners need to be current about the status of their project in order to make informed decisions. We create open lines of communication between all parties in the project and continually keep the owner posted about critical developments. We then provide our unbiased opinion to the owner so that a decision may be make which is best for the project.