Grey-Minor Stadium
Constructed a new 1,300 seat baseball stadium around the existing diamond. This component of the Foster Stadium project, totaling approximately $7M, was constructed around baseball season and included blasting approximately 3,000 yards of rock adjacent to historic residences. This elevated stadium sits approximately ten feet above a flood plain and is designed to let flood waters pass underneath it. Constructed primarily of precast concrete, the stadium provides traditional amenities and is completely accessible, fully complying with ADA standards. A covered batting cage was included in the project, and constructed on a fast track schedule in order to allow batting practice prior to the completion of the stadium. Additionally, contractors were barred from affecting the playing surface as it was needed to remain open for baseball practice. This provided for a challenging atmosphere between the coaching staff and contractor requiring continual monitoring and mediation. Upon completion, it is arguably the best collegiate stadium in the region, the new facility blends in with the natural landscape as it provides unprecedented views with seating directly over the dugouts. Even with weather related delays, the project still finished on time and under budget.