Improve Storm Water Drainage
During construction of Foster Stadium, a large double box culvert was installed through the middle of the football field, up to 25 feet deep. This $5M project included the replacement of the existing sanitary sewer, adjacent to the culvert, and construction an electrical duct bank under Main Street for the relocation of overhead utilities. This technically complex project placed over a quarter of a mile of double box culvert between an existing building and a major roadway, including through the football field. Various means of shoring, trench stabilization, rock removal, provision of temporary utilities, project phasing, and backfilling techniques were applied and improved upon. This project was closely tied with the progress of work in the football stadium and timing was critical in order to establish a new growth of grass prior to the football season. In addition, all access around the existing buildings for general use, as well as construction traffic had to be maintained. Despite the challenges, the project finished on time and under budget.